Life can get crazy and confusing sometimes, right? It is why I enjoy showing people how to live full and empowered lives - creating a unique road-map through life. I use a variety of tools, primarily tarot, to light the way for you. And along the way I am going to share my favorite life hacks and self care strategies - because who doesn't need their life to be easier?

I will approach your question in a clear and non-judgmental way. I feel like every situation, no matter how complicated, has at least one answer - and I am committed to helping you find your way through this crazy roller coaster called life. I combine my abilities, the tarot, as well as a lifetime of experience interacting with people. You will get an answer that is delivered in the most supportive and no-nonsense way possible. Let me help you today. It's fast and easy to get started. Browse our reading options... Then simply input a little info, your question(s) and your reading will be delivered as a PDF (suitable for printing) that you can refer back to whenever you want. No need to worry about scheduling an appointment, all our readings happen online. Average turn around time is about 24 hours*. When you get a reading from me you actually get ME, not some computer generated reading spit at you instantly. Your reading is personal and tailored to YOU!

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