Reading Lenormand In Pairs

Lenormand is radically different from tarot in a lot of ways. The images are more basic, there are only 36 cards and let's face it, Lenormand is that blunt, pull no punches, brutally honest friend we all have. The one who tells you everything you need to know, not get getting all touchy feely like tarot.

The biggest reason why lenormand should be read in multiples: each card is a WORD. That's right, word. As in single. How do you answer a question or tell a story with one word? Not well.
So let's play with this a little bit. A client comes in and asks you about a job she is considering taking. She wants to know if it is right for her. So you pull a single lenormand card.

This card says important. Hmm, not really helpful is it? Of course it is important or she wouldn't be asking you now would she?  So we really need to pull another card and see if we can't get a little deeper.

*Smacks forehead* Could this be any funnier? Guess what the fox means? Yep, he means job. Seems like we are just being fed little bits. So we have determined that so far we have important job. A nice start, but we need some more to go on, right?

Now we are getting somewhere. This nasty little snake is up to no good (as is the case with most snakes!) and he clearly says deception. This seems to indicate that maybe this job has a dark side. We have important + job + deception. Let's pull one more card and see what it has to round out the picture for us.

Oh dear. This is just horrible. The axe in this deck corresponds with the scythe card in a traditional deck and means warning. So let's take a look - we have these four cards: important + job + deception + warning

I take this as a really strong indication that this job is no good for this client - what do you think? Think of this, if you had pulled just a single card, how well would you have been able to answer your clients question? More cards are always better - it enables you to form a sentence to give your answer and better serve the client.

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