Card Spotlight: The Sneaky Fox

This week we are shining the spotlight on card #14 of the Lenormand deck - the fox! This sly creature is often depicted on cards hunting, and there are some stunning looking cards out there. But what does the fox tells us?

Card 14 (9♣): Fox (employment)
General:  employment, discernment, skills, job, work, employee, worker, caution, be aware and beware, intelligence, analyst, specialist, detective, criminal, con artist, spy, trickster, trap, deception, disguise, fraud, embezzlement, small animal
Location: workplace, police station
Colours: red
Health: nose, scent, further investigation may be necessary, second opinion, specialist
Timing (houses)*: December
Timing (other): Saturday

Remember that unlike tarot Lenormand is read at the least in pairs, so the details of this card depend on the cards around it. Comment below if you would like an example of such a pairing.

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