Card Spotlight: The Fool

What better place to start then at the beginning of the deck. I have chosen a traditional interpretation of the card for this first post, but future posts will draw on a variety of different decks.

The first thing we see is a young man walking along, holding his possessions and accompanied by a small white dog. Nearly every traditionally influenced card will have the same elements - the cliff, the upward gaze and the dog. But what is the meaning of this card?

The fool exudes innocence and newness. He is ready to take on the world and has not yet become jaded by it. Looking northwest - into the direction of the unknown - there is limitless potential ahead of him. If you pull this card you are being asked to take a "leap of faith" much as the Fool is preparing to do here at the edge of the cliff.

Be like the Fool and go forth with eyes open in awe and wonder of the journey ahead!

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